Turku Band Festival

Turku Band Festival

During the first five years 15 000 people have visited the event and there has been about 250 bands performing at the festival.

How to join?

Turku Band Festival is organised annually in January. The application to perform at the festival will be made at the TBF Facebook page.

Turku Band Festival is a free-of-charge city festival that focuses on Turku-based bands.

This event, which takes place early in the year, is based on an idea to establish an event around just Turku-based bands. The event spreads out into the different music venues of Turku and attempts to promote the bands, regardless of their experience or style. The only requirement is that all gigs will be free-of-charge for the audience.

There are several opportunities to enjoy the event: a random pub visitor may become interested in live music thanks to an unknown band, or perhaps a more seasoned gig goer will have an opportunity to review the whole live music scene in Turku with just one few-day-long music binge.

The event will feature both familiar and new performers in an approachable way.