Turku Bandstand

The bands selected for the Turku Rock Academy will be chosen through Turku Bandstand.

For 22 years, Turku Bandstand was held as a competition. In 2019 it became a review that focused more on giving feedback to the bands. From the bands taking part in Turku Bandstand 3–5 will be selected into Turku Rock Academy every year.

Three stages

1 On the first round of the three-stage Turku Bandstand, each band will play two songs and at the end of the evening professionals of the field will give feedback on their performance. These events are open to the public, including the feedback session. If the band does not want to receive their feedback in front of an audience, a closed event will be organised.

2 On the second round of the spring, the bands will perform the same songs. The professionals will view these performances and assess whether the band has made use of the advice given to them. They will also consider whether further improvements are needed.

3 If the bands wish, they have a possibility to come in for a third feedback round the next autumn.

How to join?

A maximum of 15 bands will be accepted to Turku Bandstand, in the order of registration. Each band will perform 15 minutes of their own music to the audience and a professional jury.

Turku Bandstand is open for all bands that come from within the Salo, Forssa, Laitila and Turku region. In total, three fourths of the band members must be under 29 years of age.

The application period to Turku Bandstand is held annually at the end of the year.

Application instructions will be posted here when the application period begins.

Turku Bandstand winners 1997–2018

Dollari (2018)
Uusi Musta (2017)
Of Origins (2016)
Less Income (2015)
Stone Monolith (2014)
Array (2013)
The Reed Fags (2012)
The 5th of April (2011)
Auntie Mary (2010)
Half Apple (2009)
Sounds a Bit Bitter (2008)
The Bad Habit (2007)
Pajavasara (2006)
Wedding (Nyk. Nerveseed) (2005)
Kaisla (2004)
The Dead Musicians Society (2003)
Out of Bounds (2002)
Terrorwheel (2001)
The Great Oshkosh Experience (2000)
Occultismia & Mysticaa (1999)
Mild (1998)
Lowely Worm (1997)