Turun Vesihuolto Oy (”Turku Region Water Supply Ltd.”)

Facts about Turun Vesihuolto

  • The water distributed by the company is artificial groundwater produced in Virttankangas. The water for the Paattinen area is directed from the Vahto water catchment.
  • The distributed water is extremely soft, in Paattinen it is between soft and semi-hard. The pH of the water is around 8.5.
  • The company was previously known by the name Turun vesiliikelaitos.

Turun Vesihuolto Oy is a company owned completely by the City of Turku, and its operation includes the distribution of treated water, and receiving wastewater and directing it to the wastewater treatment plant.

Board of Turun Vesihuolto Oy
Seppo Lehtinen, Chair
Jerker Brandt
Jarimo Roivas
Mirja-Leena Hovirinta
Anne Aholainen

CEO of Turun Vesihuolto is Irina Nordman.

We serve customers by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9 am  to 2 pm. Tel. 02 263 32292 (contracts) 02 263 32163 (invoicing) ja 02 263 32293 (technical issues).

Contact information (in Finnish) of Turun Vesihuolto Oy.