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Starting info every Monday at 11.00 in Teams

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In the starting module you are given information about the services of Työpiste and you get to choose which trainings you wish to attend. 


Improve your employment opportunities at Työpiste

Starting info every Monday at 11.00 in Teams

In the starting module you will be given information about the services of Työpiste and the basics of job searching. You also get to choose the other trainings you wish to attend or whether you wish to take a path to the starting point with more support.      


Työpiste offers its customers employment promoting trainings. The trainings are realized in modules. Attendants will get to choose the training modules they wish to attend and which they see as most useful for themselves.        

Available are for example

  • Guidance in preparation of employment documents
  • Teaching of information technology
  • Job search facilitating tools

The contents of the trainings vary, but there’s surely something useful for everyone. We develop our supply of services constantly according to the needs of our customers and the number of attendants.