Subsidized employment

The purpose and goal of subsidized work is to increase work experience, improve labor market readiness or attendance in education.

You have the possibility for a subsidized work period, if you have received labor market subsidy for over 200 days or you are under 30 years old.

The goal of the period is:

  • to improve skills and conditions for work 
  • to improve economic circumstances
  • to improve life management and well-being

Subsidized work places are located in the different divisions of the city, private businesses and organizations. 

Working hours of the employers of subsidized work

The working hours of the subsidized work employees is 85% of full working hours.


  • Employees employed through the city’s obligatory employment responsibility work full hours.
  • Apprenticeship employees work full hours.

Duration of the subsidized work period is in general 4-8 months.

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