Welcome to Työpiste

Työpiste offers help and guidance concerning employment. The main task of Työpiste is to bring work and workers together.

We serve you personally by phone, by mail and in appointed meetings at Työpiste. You can visit us also without an appointment. There are customer service terminals at your use to whose usage we offer guidance.

We serve the unemployed citizens of Turku in many ways. Information, guidance, counselling, training and jobs are available.               

Examples of our services: Foreammatti-software at your use, info events, hidden jobs, subsidized work, rehabilitative work, health checks and assessments of work ability. For young people a summer job voucher. 


You can visit us without an appointment

Mon-Fri 8.30–16.00

Käsityöläiskatu 10, 20100 Turku

◾ Phone 02 262 5072

Chat service


We also serve at Ohjaamo.