Vamos Turku for the Youth

Additional information

Visiting address:

Yliopistonkatu 25 A, 4th floor

Vamos is located right next to Ohjaamo in the City Centre. Unfortunately, the facilities are not fully accessible. It is difficult to get in with a wheelchair, for example, because of the stairs and the very narrow elevator in the building. In matters of accessibility please contact us so we can make arrangements about providing our services in some other way.

Call us and ask more

  • Mia Oksa 050 463 4926
  • Kristiina Lindstedt 050 408 5954
  • Auli Hirvensalo 050 309 9248
  • Nina Väyrynen  050 512 5999
  • Hannu Laine 050 455 7852
  • Zahra Abucar 050 570 8219

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Vamos Turku is a service produced by Helsinki Deaconess Institute. It offers support in the form of individual and group training for 12–19-year olds.

The training supports the growth and well-being of the youth both at home, in school, and during free time. We can help with matters related to the youth’s school attendance, coping, becoming independent, social relationships, or free time. The training is walking with the youth and supporting him/her through the changes. The training is based on the youth’s own goals, wishes, and needs.

The training can support the youth in situations where his/her school attendance or studies are impeded by, for example:

  • anxiety
  • nervousness or fears
  • problems with motivation
  • behavioural changes
  • turmoil and changes in the youth’s life
  • problems with controlling the everyday life
  • absences
  • difficulties with social skills
  • loneliness

For example, individual training can help a youth of comprehensive school age when his/her school attendance is disturbed for one reason or another (e.g. bullying or substance abuse). The training offers means for getting through problems or challenging life situations.