The Turku Market Square is a popular meeting point and the heart of Turku’s commercial centre. The market square is one of the largest central squares in Europe.

Despite the construction work, the Market Square hosts various kinds of activities around the year.

The construction of the updated Market Square will be completed in 2021. There is a fence around the construction site, and small events, such as Christmas markets, can be held on the north side of the square.

Capacity: 1,000

Area: 16,700 m2, the area that is currently available is around 5,000 m2 

Rent: EUR 0–700/event (depending on the nature of the event)

The venue is suitable for: Open events, Closed events, Commercial promotions, Large events, Concerts, Concerts with a high noise level, Arts events, Markets, Sports events

Transport links and parking: The venue is located in Turku city centre. A multistorey car park is being constructed under the square.

Practical considerations:

  • Market sellers, bus traffic, parking and the residential buildings next to the square must be taken into consideration.
  • The venue’s information will be updated in 2021 after the construction work has been completed.

Availability of water and electricity: Water and electricity are available on site.

Location on a map

Additional information: City of Turku Event Services