Puolalanpuisto park is a beautiful recreation area in the heart of the city that can be used around the year. The park is located only two blocks away from the Market Square.

Puolalanpuisto park is a park of historic interest that is bounded to the north and east by beautiful Art Nouveau buildings built around 1900–1920 as well as a few wooden houses. The park surrounds Turku Art Museum, which sits on top of the hill. The granite palace that houses the art museum is an attraction in itself. All this makes Puolalanmäki one of the most important constructed environments in Finland.

Among Turku residents, Puolalanpuisto park with its greenery is a popular place for spending time and relaxing. The park has two playgrounds. In the summer, the park’s rocks offer many places for sunbathing, and in the winter Turku residents go sledding down the rock of Puolalanmäki, following a tradition that is over a hundred years old.

From the 70s to the 90s, Puolalanpuisto park used to host high-quality free concerts in the summer that attracted thousands of people to the park. Puolalanpuisto park is an ideal arena for performances, as the rising hill forms a natural stand for spectators.

In addition to concerts, the location has also been used as a venue for promotional events, sports events and summer theatre performances.

Capacity: 10,000

Area: 11,000 m2

Rent: EUR 0–700/event (depending on the nature of the event)

The venue is suitable for: Open events, Closed events, Concerts, Arts events, Sports events

Transport links and parking: The venue is located in Turku city centre.

Practical considerations:

  • The park can be used for a maximum of two larger concerts per summer.
  • Limited use of sound reinforcement systems, as there are residential buildings next to the park.

Availability of water and electricity: Electricity is available on site.

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Additional information: City of Turku Event Services