The Saaronniemi area on the outermost tip of Ruissalo Island is a fantastic venue of great natural beauty for unique outdoor events.

Saaronniemi is located on the tip of the island reaching out to the sea and it offers a great view of the Turku archipelago. In Saaronniemi, you will feel like you are in the middle of Airisto Sea.

The area also has a bathing beach that is a favourite among Turku residents in the summer. You can also go use the saunas and go swimming in the winter, as the sauna in the area is open around the year and visitors are given the opportunity to try winter swimming.

Saaronniemi has four barbecue shelters and two barbecue sites. Next to the area is the Ruissalo camping site that offers both a well-equipped caravan area and indoor accommodation.

Saaronniemi has been used as a venue for events such as music festivals (Ruisaction), sailing competitions, other summer and winter sports events as well as various barbecue and ice swimming events. In its first few years in the 70s, the Ruisrock music festival was held in Saaronniemi.

Capacity: 35,000

Area: 71,000 m2 (beach) + 137,000 m2 (meadow)

Rent: Negotiated separately with the lessor (Visit Turku)

The venue is suitable for: Open events, Large events, Concert

Transport links and parking: The venue is located about 12 km from Turku city centre. Ruissalo Island can be reached easily by bicycle, local buses or one’s own car.

Practical considerations:

  • During the summer months, event organisers must take into consideration the fact that there is a camping site and a public bathing beach close to the venue.
  • The venue may be used for a maximum of one large event per summer.
  • Small nature and sports events outside bird nesting season.
  • Natura, nature values and cumulative effects must be taken into consideration.

Availability of water and electricity: Contact Visit Turku for more information about the availability of water and electricity in Saaronniemi.

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