Varvintori square is one of the key venues on the Aurajoki riverfront, and it hosts many kinds of events, especially in the summer.

Varvintori is a square on the west bank of the Aurajoki river, near Turku city centre.

The square’s 13 granite stones, arranged into the shape of a ship by the artist Micha Ullman, tell the history of the square: In the early 1900s, the area was part of the old Aurajoki shipyard. Nowadays, the surviving old rope factory and former shipyard buildings that line square also remind visitors of the square’s history as part of the shipyard.

The area has been used as the venue for the opening ceremonies of all five Tall Ships Races events held in Turku as well as for the events and concerts related to the Swan Regatta and the Gangut Regatta. Every year, Varvintori square has hosts numerous events, including military exhibitions, street floorball tournaments, beach volleyball competitions, food festivals, various performances and large private functions.

Capacity: 8,000

Area: 6,200 m2

Rent: EUR 0–700/event (depending on the nature of the event)

The venue is suitable for: Open events, Closed events, Commercial promotions, Large events, Concerts, Arts events, Markets, Sports events

Transport links and parking: Varvintori square is located 2 km from Turku city centre.

Practical considerations:

  • Varvintori square is bounded by residential buildings, and the Sigyn venue with its services is often being used during events.
  • The traffic on Läntinen Rantakatu and access to the area’s restaurants must be taken into account when organising the event.
  • No large festivals (e.g. DBTL, Aura Fest).
  • Can be used until 10 p.m.
  • A limited number of events can be held in the area per year.

Availability of water and electricity: Water and electricity are available on site.

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Additional information: City of Turku Event Services