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Turku recreational model groups in Vimma

Vimma is involved in a national project aimed at supporting equal recreational opportunities for primary and secondary school students.

Groups are completely free of charge and will continue to operate during the spring season. You can register to the groups, if there is enough room.

The groups are for children and young people in Turku.

Recreational groups serve a small snack.

All groups are for beginners, no prior knowledge of the topics is required.

Vimmatut (Frantic) hands craft workshop


  • Spring season on Thursdays beginning 27.1.  14 -15:30
  • A free snack is included in the groups, available at 13:30
  • The handicraft team is experimenting with different techniques and materials. At least Tye Dye knot dyeing, sewing, jewelry making, and molding from polymer pulp are in the schedule. The final content will be planned together with the participants.
  • Workshop instructors are Taina Järvinen and Päivi Lehtisaari.
  •  The group is full.

Architecture workshop


  • Spring season Tuesdays beginning 25.1. 15–16.30
  • A free snack is included in the groups, available at 14.30
  • Learning about architecture in an interesting and creative way. Final content is planned together with participants.
  • Instructors are architect Raul Reunanen and art workshop instructor Marianne Uusaho
  •  Registration to the group

Visual arts workshop

13–15- year- olds

  • Spring season on Tuesdays from 25.1.  15–16.30
  • A free snack is included in the groups, available at 14.30
  • Experimentation and familiarity with different techniques in the visual arts. The final content will be planned with the participants.
  • Instructors are visual artist Raisa Suksi and art workshop instructor Hanna Järvenpää.
  •  Registration to the group