Development of the city centre

Development of the city centre

  • The project was launched by the decision of the City Council in 2016.
  • The multidisciplinary vision team designated by the City Board has been led by Professor of Futures Studies Markku Wilenius.
  • Architect Eero Lundén and his office have developed the vision team’s thoughts into a visual form.
  • The work has been supported by the open Turku Future Forum events.
  • Further information: Program Director Riitta Birkstedt

Illustrated presentation of the vision (pdf 59 Mb)

E-book of the Vision for the City Centre

Vision for the city centre on social media

Development of the city centre is one of the spearhead projects of the City of Turku. The project includes a plan for an ambitious vision for increasing the vitality and attractiveness of the city centre and a concrete road map for the measures and stages needed for the achievement of the vision.

The vision work has its basis on the focal points of the development of the city centre, written on the Turku 2029 city strategy. The objective is to search for both quickly realisable measures that have an effective impact, and broader, longer-term measure operations that will be used to improve the vitality and attractiveness of the city centre permanently.

Turku city centre is being developed as the heart of urban culture, a comfortable communal environment for the citizens, and a magnetic cluster of business life, trade, culture, and tourism.

The spearhead project aims to:

  • improve the year-round attractiveness and public urban spaces;
  • standardise the functionality of the city centre;
  • ensure preconditions for lively cultural life and dynamic events activity in the city centre space;
  • increase the number of citizens and jobs;
  • restore belief in the city centre as a profitable investment target;
  • ensure the accessibility of the city centre and the effortlessness of travel by every means of transportation, and
  • advance the potential of the city centre to function as an innovation platform for digitalised and other new services.

Focusing on the future of Turku city centre, a multidiciplinary work group led by Professor of Futures Studies Markku Wilenius published their vision for the city centre on 14 Aug 2017. Vision for the City Centre 2050 has been created in close cooperation with different stakeholders, and it is a well-argued vision for a future Turku city centre that is dynamic, European and supportive of well-being.

The Vision defines what kind of components are needed for building a future dynamic and attractive city centre. Furthermore, it presents a number of measures for realising the vision. The measures are mainly directed towards the areas of the commercial and historic city centre, and the Aura riverside. The vision also includes measures for connecting the areas on the boarder of the city centre – especially Aninkainen, Science Park, and the port – more closely to the centre to be part of it.