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The name of Työpiste has changed. We respect the hundred-year history, but we want to develop forward and bring forth our emphasis on coaching as a working method. From the spring 2019 on, the new name is Valmennuspiste.

Valmennuspiste is a diverse work community and an interesting learning environment. We can tailor work of suitable size for everyone. Around 300 persons work at Valmennuspiste daily. In Valmennuspiste work is done in three teams: textile, technical and recycling of wares. Work is divided into many different sections. Maintenance, for instance, takes care of the greeneries of the city of Turku. Furniture maintenance, as the name suggests, repairs furniture belonging to the city and, on order, of private persons. The housing alteration section does the adaptation work for assisted living facilities and the metal section is responsible for making products that are installed for the customer, such as ramps. Crafts skills are valued in the textile and woodwork sections.

at Valmennuspiste, it is possible to get to know working life, participate in subsidized work, rehabilitative work or discover one’s own skills for working life in a work try-out. The personal and work coaches help in the assessment of work and functioning abilities and help proceed in career and in life.

Valmennuspiste is a part of the bridge of services offered for citizens by the city of Turku, which aims at the well-being of all Turku citizens. In Valmennuspiste one gets to try their abilities in real work. Work is available for various professionals, such as sewers, carpenters, metal workers, drivers and instructors. The TE-office’s recommendation for pay subsidy and reception of labor market subsidy for more than 300 days are required to participate in subsidized work. 

A new rehabilitative work service started in February 2019

Lähtöpiste is a new place for rehabilitative work on Käsityöläiskatu. During a three months period you can clarify your thoughts about working life, your personal resources and future possibilities. You can join inflexibly and quickly. There are four hours of activities once a week.