Welcome to the development version of the Turku City web service!

We have published unfinished versions of the web service and Event Calendar because we would like to get feedback from you, dear citizens and clients, to support us with the development. There will certainly be things that have not occurred to us and have not been taken into account. On the other hand, there may also be some things in which we have succeeded. Yes, it is possible.

A web service is an interesting thing because it will never be fully completed. Within the Turku.fi development version, for example:

  • functionalities will be constructed and new content added
  • full sections are still missing, but they are already under development
  • search function is not yet available
  • most of the web pages’ language versions will be added later
  • language versions are currently in disarray but are being fixed.
  • errors and bugs are constantly being fixed

Within the Event Calendar:

  • missing translations are being worked on
  • the visual looks are being polished
  • the events search and filtering functions are being fine-tuned

We wish that you would now test the site by clicking here, there, and everywhere – especially with a mobile device. Are the sections of Turku.fi practical: Housing and Environment, Health and Social Services etc.? What kind of things are you looking for and can you find them? Did you need something that was not there? How does the new Event Calendar serve you?