Marked Routes

Background information

  • Paavo trails were marked for the first time in 1999.
  • The idea was brought in Turku by orienteer Janne Salmi who had seen similar trails in Switzerland.

Paavo trails are routes that have been marked on the terrain and introduce walkers to the local nature and urban environments in various places in Turku. In many places the trails merge with other outdoor recreation paths and link them together. 

Paavo trails have been marked on the terrain with blue runner marks and round markings on trees and rocks. Cross-country biking is allowed in the forest parts of Paavo trails, as per the public right of access.

Biking and walking on the trails

Please note! Paavo trails sometimes run on fitness trails, park trails, or walkways. Always follow the traffic regulations concerning the route. If a Paavo trail runs on a fitness trail, biking is not allowed.

E-maps of Paavo trails

There are no printed maps of Paavo trails, but instead they are in electronic form. You can view the maps either on a computer or you can load them directly to your mobile phone with the Citynomadi mobile application. With a mobile map you can follow your progress on the trail.

Instructions for using the mobile map application

1. Find the free Nomadi application form your phone’s application store and download it.
2. Open the application and search routes with the word “paavonpolut”
3. By clicking the button depicting a stack of squares you can choose what kind of map is shown on the background and which Paavo trails are shown.
4. Now you can start going along the Paavo trail you chose, or you can save it for later examination.

Printable pdf maps

Below is a list of looping portions of Paavo trails in printable pdf format. You can print a pdf map and take it with you. However, the functional tasks of the trails cannot be opened from the pdf-maps, but only with electronic devices.