Special Support

Special support is given to students whose growth, development or learning goals would otherwise not be fully met. The task of special support is to give the student comprehensive and systematic support so that the student can finish their compulsory education and get a foundation for postgraduate studies after comprehensive school. The student’s self-esteem, study motivation, and the possibilities to experience success and the joy of learning are strengthened. The student’s participation in and responsibility of studying is being supported.

Students receiving special support are either in

  • compulsory education or
  • extended compulsory education.

Students receiving special support study either

  • single subjects according to the general or individual syllabus, or
  • operational spheres.

If the intensified support given to the student is not enough, a pedagogical report will be made, in which the overall situation of the student will be described. Based on the pedagogical report the Special Service Director will make the decision about the special support given to the student. The student and guardian will be heard in the making of the report as per the administrative legislation.

The following will be described in the decision about special support:

  • the general teaching group of the student
  • possible interpretation and assistant services
  • other necessary services
  • deviating organization of teaching

The decision must always be justified and the appeal directions will be attached to it.

The need for special support will be revised

  • when the student’s need for support changes
  • in the spring of the second school year
  • in the spring of the sixth school year

In case the student does not need special support anymore, the Special Service Director will make the decision about quitting special support, and the student will start receiving intensified support.

Special support is given to students primarily in their own teaching groups and schools with flexible arrangements, unless the student’s interest calls for transferring the student into another teaching group or school.

After the decision about special support has been made, the teachers will compose a plan in co-operation with the student and guardian and based on the pedagogical report. This is called be the individual educational plan (IEP).

The IEP contains:

  • individual goals of the student
  • pedagogical solutions
  • organization of teaching
  • co-operation and services
  • follow-up and evaluation