Current processes in the area:

  • Zoning of the Joint Terminal
  • Zoning of the Museum of History and the Future
  • Feasibility study on the relocation of the port railway platform
  • Linnanniemi Development Program
  • Linnanniemi Culture Program

The surroundings of Turku Castle and the harbour area will undergo major changes in the coming decades. The historically and culturally important Linnanniemi area will be a hub of year-round urban culture, where you can simultaneously experience history, the sea and the most beautiful archipelago in the world. People will be attracted not only by the medieval landmark Turku Castle but also wide range of services, outdoor recreation areas extending to the shore, various maritime functions and the Museum of History and the Future that will be opening in 2029.

Linnanniemi is situated in a unique location at the converging point of the city centre, history, the river and the sea. Although the port is an important part of historical Turku, the port area covering the entire tip of the cape has also separated the city centre and the archipelago from each other. Zoning plan of a joint terminal building for the shipping companies is currently under preparation within Ferry Terminal project and the building is scheduled to be ready by 2026. According to the current scheme, the reorganisation of the ship terminals will free up the land area comprising Turku Castle, its surroundings and the western bank of the mouth of the Aura River, which connects the sea and the city.

In order to find development options for the areas that will be freed up for urban development, an international idea competition was organized. International idea competition for Linnanniemi was held in 2020 and the aim was to find a comprehensive overall idea and versatile development options for the area. A Lithuanian-Finnish team awarded first prize in the competition with their proposal “Kolme palaa”.

The development of the area will progress step-by-step. The planners will also ensure that the developed facilities have temporary use that will strengthen the area’s attractiveness at different stages of the development process. The first new buildings in the area will be the joint terminal building, which will be completed in 2026, and the Museum of History and the Future, which will open its doors when Turku turns 800 years in 2029.